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Chicago and surrounding midwestern vampyres

Chicago-area Midwestern vampires
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This is a communication and support forum for vampires and the like hailing from Chicago or other surrounding places in the midwest (Illinois, Wisconsin, Indiana, Iowa, Michigan, Minnesota, Missouri, and Ohio). This includes, but is not limited to pranic (psychic) vampires, sanguine (blood-drinking) vampires, blood fetishists, donors (aka "swans"), and more.
Feel free to share experiences and ideas, promote events (vamp/gothic/occult/etc.), ask questions, give advice, etc. The forum is pretty open, with the exception of the following rules:

1. This is NOT a role-playing forum. Please keep all game-related topics and discussions out.
2. No drama. It is a horrible waste of energy and it is not useful at all...and it is just downright annoying.
3. Have an open mind. There are many different perspectives as there are many different kinds of vampires.
and finally...
4. This is a forum for learning and sharing, not for picking up dates!